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The  Myth  &  The  Mystery


Definition:  ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder, a mental disorder that is a combination of behaviors in children such as; can’t follow directions; can’t sit still; speaking in class out of turn; cannot or lacks focus; gets angry or confused, etc. etc.

Definition:  ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) a mental disorder that is a combination of behaviors similar to the ones above with “hyperactivity” being present.

Do you know that both ADD and ADHD were not “discovered” but were voted into existence by a committee of the American Psychiatric Association? 

Furthermore, it is acknowledged that the “Causes” are unknown and yet both of these “conditions” were voted in as being chemical imbalances in the brain without one shred of scientific evidence.  Gene R. Haislip, Deputy Assistant Administrator, Office of Diversion Control, Drug Enforcement Administration was quoted as saying, “This agency has not made a determination of whether ADHD is a disease or a syndrome… We are also unaware that ADHD has been validated as a biologic/organic syndrome or disease”.  With ADD or ADHD, there are NO brain scans, NO blood tests, NO saliva or urine samples taken, and the entire diagnosis is based on the OPINION of health professionals who much of the time render this judgment on the speculated opinion of school teachers mislead by Psychiatry, and furthermore, who are not trained in the field of physical health or its diagnosis.

Today over 6 million American children are being labeled as ADD or ADHD, and are being forced or intimidated into taking brain damaging, psychiatric drugs such as Ritalin®, Concerta®, Adderall®, etc, for these supposed diseases. 

This is beyond criminal.  It is completely evil and is the greatest hoax of the 20th century while being its most destructive.  For this massive drugging of our youth has the potential of totally destroying our future World societies, and I compare this outrageous act to the holocaust in Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s.

Often, I’m told by others, that the symptoms mentioned in these so called “diseases” are so very real and that this is why they’ve believed the Psychs and agreed with the diagnosis in the first place.  I then get asked, “Well – if these diseases are not real and they are hoaxes, what is “causing” these symptoms?”  Well – I’m going to answer that one for you too, and I don’t really think you’re going to be that surprised by the explanation once you find out what it is.  So, what is this all-encompassing Cause???


That’s it!  That’s all of it!

What do I mean by malnutrition?  Well – “mal” means “bad”, so we’re talking about “bad” nutrition here and during the last 30 years the quality of food throughout the World especially in the US has gone dramatically down.  If you believe your taste buds here, you probably won’t believe me, but what I’m about to reveal to you are cold hard facts.

There are 3 major problem areas in our food chain that directly contribute to the “cause” of the symptoms found in these two bogus, psychiatric diseases.

#1. All meats and meat products:  For the last 30+ years, the amount of steroids, hormones, and antibiotics used in these products has grown yearly at an alarming rate.  There is no meat source that has not been affected by these practices.  It is not just the beef and pork industries that are the culprits here, the commercial dairy, chicken and farm raised fish industries are just as bad, if not worse and the more insidious due to their lower profile.  All commercial milk, cheeses, and eggs are loaded full of these hormones, steroids, and antibiotics.

This is the major cause behind our children going through puberty at 7, 8, and 9 years of age instead of the usual 12 through 15.  It’s no wonder our children are demonstrating these symptoms when puberty is kicking in so early.  These symptoms are very real, but the ADD & ADHD labels are an evil con job.


#2.  Sugar:  All processed white and brown sugars are deadly.  They are a “slow” poison.  There is no nutritional value to sugar whatsoever.

Sugar creates:  a.) a false energy boost that burns the individual out faster.  b.) stress to the Pancreas that will eventually bring about Diabetes.  c.) anxiety.  d.) HYPERACTIVITY!  e.) grief.  f.) pimples.  g.) boils.  h.) and lastly, a lowered or non-existent immune system that can allow all kinds of diseases to strike, such as colds, pneumonias, and flus to name a few.

The solution for sugar if one has to satisfy a sweet tooth is to eat only ORGANIC RAW HONEY, ORGANIC MAPLE SYRUP, AND ORGANIC STEVIA PRODUCTS.

An awesome book to read on the subject that goes into even greater detail is:  Sugar Blues by William F. Dufty.  This book is a “must” read.

#3.  And lastly in the food chain problem area is the little known subject of Enzyme Inhibitors.  I’ve written a comprehensive article on this topic, and I strongly recommend you read it for a full understanding of this very important issue.

In a nutshell, Enzyme Inhibitors are found in all grains, seeds, nuts, and most beans, and these biochemical agents can slow down and even stop many of your body’s natural functions.

Again the solution is simple.  Eat only those grains, seeds, nuts and beans that have been soaked in water for at least 12 hours.  Soaking gets rid of Enzyme Inhibitors.  Buy only breads that have been made from sprouted grains.

Don’t believe that the Psychs and the Medical Doctors are simply ignorant about these solutions.  They are very well aware of them.  Criminally so! 

I hope this information helps you and your family.  It was written to save the lives of your children, and to ensure their future survival. 

Yours in Knowledge, Health and Freedom,

Ian “Doc” Shillington  N.D.

Copyright © 2002, 2008 by Ian Shillington N.D.  All rights res.
ADHD and Its Drugs vs. Alternative Methods
(Without Psychiatric Drugs)

Summary of Article:  With reference to ADHD – (which, in the main, refers to people with attention, behavior and learning problems).  There is a lot of contention with the populace as to whether psychiatric drug treatment is the route to take in treating ADHD, or holistic/nutritional/medical treatment, (without the use of psychiatric drugs).  This article gives insight on both forms of treatment together with suggestions on how to decide which treatment is best:

So-called “ADHD” (Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) was classified and voted into existence in 1987 by the American Psychiatric Association (APA).

In the main, ADHD relates to people having attention, behavior and learning problems.  These type problems, of course, have been around since time immemorial!  Treating these type problems the psychiatric way, involves the prescribing of potentially very high-risk drugs (like Ritalin®, Adderall®, Concerta®, etc.)

Alternative methods for treating people with attention, behavior and learning problems (ADHD) is holistic/nutritional/medical, without the use of psychiatric drugs.

Based on the research I’ve carried out, there is contention, (disagreement and arguments), within the public marketplace as to which route to take, either: 1) The psychiatric way using their drugs, or: 2) The holistic/nutritional/medical way, without the use of psychiatric drugs.
At the end of the day, to arrive at a rational conclusion on this problem, (as with any situation in life), statistics need to be viewed to evaluate the best course of action to take – either, treatment program 1) or 2) above.  This evaluation to include: a) The effects created from ingesting psychiatric drugs, prescribed for attention, behavior and learning problems, or similar.  And: b) The effects created from alternative treatment methods, (holistic/nutritional/medical), without the use of psychiatric drugs.

My conclusions from statistics viewed, (arrived at after intense research carried out), are as follows:

1) Psychiatric methods: without question, the ingestion of psychiatric drugs is a 'hit or miss' affair or ‘a shot in the dark’.  These drugs, (Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta, and similar) -- even though, possibly at times, giving the apparency of ‘working’, have potentially high-risks of adverse effect(s) occurring, (short or long term).
So, is this type of treatment a method with overall safety and a 'fair bet'?

Compared to:

2) Holistic/nutritional/medical methods: ((as outlined in Dr. Mary Ann Block's book ‘No More ADHD’, (details on web page:, and similarly by many other Dr’s. of her ilk across the world)).  These methods involve locating the source of the problem, and treating accordingly (without, of course, the use of psychiatric drugs).  These actions are a least intrusive methodology, without any 'potential high-risks' involved.
Do these types of treatment methods provide overall safety and are they fair bets?

Result of 1) above -- with statistics of uncertainty as regards the outcome, (based on statistics of suffering that has occurred and is continuing to occur), this is an unfair bet and carries with it a high-risk potential for suffering!

Result of 2) above -- with very good, continued statistics of success from these types of treatments, this is a fair bet and very safe!

Conclusion:  The action of ingesting psychiatric drugs is potentially dangerous!
The action of locating a very good holistic/nutritional/medical Dr., (that carries out similar successful actions as Dr. Mary Ann Block), that has a past high success rate in treating patients with attention, behavior, learning or similar problems (without the use of psychiatric drugs) is the way to go!

My recommendation: anybody with attention, behavior or learning problems, (or similar), carry out the necessary research to arrive at their own rational conclusion as to what course of action to take in treating the problem.

Or: if anybody is already taking psychiatric drugs for these or similar problems, I recommend they, or somebody on their behalf, carry out new or further research and arrive at a rational conclusion as to what course of action to take.

You should be able to obtain sufficient statistics from research on the Internet.

All the very best,

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