Any helpful feedback will be appreciated via email to:
  Here are several ideas:

  • Email any of the info. contained in this web site, or give the web address, to anybody you know: family, friends and associates.

  Here are a few more ideas:

  • Inform and distribute leaflets to: next-door neighbors, local stores, apartment managers, teachers, fellow workers, parents, individuals, organizations/groups, and so on.
        (Click here for suggested leaflets you can issue).

  • Post leaflets on notice boards: where you work, eat out, shop or go for a coffee, etc.
        (Click here for suggested leaflets you can issue).
If most people, after visiting this web site, agree that something more could be done.  And then, for example, decide to help by doing one of the following: Emailing their family, friends and colleagues; posting a leaflet in their local store; issuing handouts; posting information on web sites and Blogs.  One of these actions alone would create a big impact!

Maybe you will start up a campaign similar to this?

Anything you do to contribute will be a great help.
How  We  Can  Help re ADHD/Drugs
For the benefit of our children, adults and future generations, people from all walks of life need to be aware of the information on the Home Page, re "ADD" and "ADHD", so that they can evaluate and reach their own conclusions.
It is important that everybody be informed; let anybody know about this web site: family, friends, associates,& strangers...doesn't matter who they are, what they do,          their position in life, religion, race, and so on.
If you agree with the details on the Home Page; your help on getting the word
out on this web site will be invaluable
Helping ourselves and each other in seeking the truth to create a saner world
Disclaimer: (All data and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. makes no representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information on this site and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use.  All information is provided on an as-is basis).
  • Post details on web sites, such as 'Face Book', 'My Space', Blogs, plus other type web sites.  A short write up is minimally needed, giving this web site address.  Example: "You must view this startling info. on our kids (or children) mass attacked with "ADHD" and "Its" drugs - visit".   And/or, you could copy whatever from this web site (example: 'Home Page') and post on various web sites and/or BlogsPost links on other web sites to -  whatever you feel good about.  :-)
  • School teachers, teaching organizations, private tutors, and the like, issuing handouts to all the parents of the children they service, directing them to visit this web site or another with similar content.
  • Drs., plus anybody working in the medical profession or allied fields, issuing handouts to patients and the like, directing them to visit this web site or another site with similar content.
At the very top of each page on this web site is a click-on link to a Google translation page.  Near the bottom of the Google translation page, you type in the web address of the page from this web site you wish to view.  Then, directly below, in the first pull-down menu, select 'English'.  In the next pull-down menu, select the language you wish to view.  Click 'Translate' to see a translated page.  There are 34 plus languages to choose from. 
  • So, we can contact people in other countries, asking them to view this web site, as more than likely they will be able to view it in their own language.  (Note: the translation will not be perfect but at least people will get the gist of what's written).
  • Now, this would be an excellent move:  Print out a 'master copy' leaflet (Click here for suggested copy).  Then take to a printer or copy place and print 100's of copies.  These then could be handed out in the street or posted through letter boxes for people to view and then, of course, a lot of the people will visit this site.  (You may need to copy the master copy in black and white to cut down expenses).
To translate this web page please click: (34+ languages available)
Please visit web page: A United Stand for more information.

Click this link: Sources of Help for lists of Drs., Nutritionists, Education sources, Drug prevention and other allied professionals in various countries.  Also, view links to related books and other reference sources.
It is possible, after reading thus far, some people will have one or more of the following, or similar, thoughts: ‘This doesn’t concern me now’, 'Not much I can do about it at present’, 'I don’t know of anybody on psychiatric drugs', ‘There are people working on this already’, ‘I’m already busy with … ?...’, ‘People already know about this’, and so on.  And conclude: ‘I’ll let someone know about this web site in the future, when needed’.

Of primary importance to me, in building this web site, was that as many people as possible, across the world, (whether or not personally aware of, or involved with the ADHD/Drug problem) are aware of this web site ASAP.

Those people, in turn, would let others know ASAP, and so on, and so on (similar to - dare I mention - 'multi level marketing').  Then, so many more people will have a very good source of reference, (this web site or similar), to refer people to.   

Then, if at any time, now or in the future, a person, (after viewing this web site), is aware of one of the following, or similar, situations:

  • A parent with a ‘problem’ child.
  • A parent's child, with behavior problems or similar, soon to visit a General Practitioner (who may diagnose "ADD" or “ADHD” and prescribe Ritalin®, Adderall®, Concerta® or similar).
  • A child is diagnosed with "ADD" or “ADHD”.
  • Child about to start taking psychiatric drugs.
  • A child is already on psychiatric drugs.

That person, hearing of one of these examples, (or similar), will give the parent or child concerned, 'well informed' advice, directing them to this web site, another web site with similar content or a book on the subject.

There are many millions of parents/children that can do with our help,
either directly or indirectly, right now.

Whatever contribution anybody gives now, in ‘getting the word out’ about this web site, helps towards our society being that much closer to achieving an end result of:  The shutdown of psychiatric, mind-altering drugs -- like Ritalin®, Adderall®, Concerta® -- (previously prescribed to children with attention, behavior and learning problems). :-)
  • Print anything from this web site and distribute -- click here to view suggested leaflets that you can print and distribute.

  • Tell people to visit this web site.
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