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My name is Ray.  I have started an independent campaign against the psychiatric invented term "ADD", (Attention-deficit disorder), "ADHD", (Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder), and its drugs!  This so-called “behavior disorder”, together with the drugs created to treat this "problem", is a means of inflicting severe suffering upon our world’s children and adults alike!

My purpose is to bring about more global awareness of this injustice against humanity!  At the same time put forward for consideration the alternative, sane, workable solutions.

You may ask, “Why so much drama?” or similar – please read the following important information and you will have the answer
--  Seek the Truth about "ADHD"  --

A book of note by Dr. Mary Ann Block:

  10 Steps to help improve your child’s attention and behavior without drugs!
It is 'so helpful to the world at large’* that the author of 'No More ADHD', at 39 years of age, had the determination and strength of character to study and train as a Dr. of Osteopathy.  This major decision was reached since her ailing daughter, after a continuing history of long duration with deteriorating body conditions, made no real improvement.  Instead, her daughter suffered many set-backs after receiving diagnosis and medication from several Doctors. 

The reason why the author's decision is *'so helpful to the world at large':  During and after the process of training as a Doctor, Mary Ann Block carried
out various research projects, including: Origin, distribution, use and effects of psychiatric drugs, like Ritalin®, Prozac® and similar, on people, especially children.  This research revealed many disturbing facts, to name a few:
  • How it is these psychiatric drugs came into existence.

  • The drug company's influence on medical education and doctors.

  • Fraud occurring in drug studies.

  • Federal Drug Administration (FDA) advisers having financial
          conflict of interest with their evaluation of drugs.

  • Ritalin® is like cocaine.

  • Mind-altering drugs are prescribed for so-called "ADD", "ADHD".

  • How it is that the psychiatric signs and symptoms for "ADD",
          "ADHD", are completely subjective.

  • How these drugs cover up the actual symptoms of the problem.

  • School personnel and other “authorities” exerting pressure on
          parents and children to take these types of mind-altering drugs.

  • The horrendous potential risks and side effects (that do occur)
          our children are subjected to from taking these types of drugs.

  • Deaths from taking this type of drug.

  • The connection between drugs (like Ritalin®) and violent crimes.
In Dr. Block’s book, startling information is revealed about the mislabelling of children with the psychiatric invented “behavior disorder” term "ADHD"  (Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder).

So-called "ADHD" was classified and voted into existence in 1987 by the American Psychiatric Association (APA).  Dr. Block gives insight into the “reasoning” behind this “diagnosis” and the subsequent rampant distribution of psychiatric drugs, like Ritalin® and Prozac®, to "treat" the "problem".  Due to the APA’s idea of "help", many millions of children have been mislabelled and are taking mind-altering, high risk drugs, like Ritalin® and Prozac®!

Dr. Block lists many sources of reference.  One of those sources is Bruce Wiseman, National President of Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights
(CCHR). CCHR is a psychiatric watchdog organization, which has been investigating and exposing psychiatric violations of human rights for 30 years.
Mr. Wiseman carried out research over a two-year period, revealing many examples of the connection between psychiatric drugs (mainly Ritalin® and Prozac® or similar) and extreme violence, including manslaughter!
Click: A United Stand, (opens in new window), scroll down to lower part of page and view: 'Examples of adverse effects created in connection with psychiatric drug use'.
"If Mozart or Beethoven had lived today they would have been drugged for ADHD.  This would have destroyed their souls and immeasurably diminished human culture.  In my opinion, the current indiscriminate drugging of children is satanic.  It destroys character development and fosters a valueless culture.  "When a problem arises take a drug."

In No More ADHD, Dr. Mary Ann Block clearly outlines reasonable solutions to the "problems" of childhood.  This is a must-read for parents who are concerned about their children.  Do not, and I scream do not, trust psychologists, psychiatrists and the current drug-pushing culture of modern education.  There are superior alternatives and Dr. Mary Ann Block has a book full of them."

Julian Whitaker, M.D.
FYI: I personally was concerned when a teacher friend told me about the various problems occurring with several of her students on the drug Ritalin®.  Then, after reading Dr. Block’s book, I felt it my duty to inform as many people as fast as possible of this catastrophe in the making.  My reasoning:

This generation and future generations
of children are in extreme danger!

This, in turn, places everybody else in danger!

I do not make any money at all from this venture.  I do, however, profit from an humanitarian viewpoint, knowing that more and more people will be aware of the truths of this tragic state of affairs, together with being exposed to alternative, sane solutions to help our children with attention, learning and behavior problems. 
(A concerned and caring parent for our children’s welfare).
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One:  It exposes alarming truths re the mislabelling and prescribing of mind-altering psychiatric drugs, (like Ritalin®, Prozac®, Adderall®, Concerta®, or similar), illustrating the harmful effects created.  (In my opinion most parents are unaware of these truths!)

TwoApprox. two thirds of Dr. Block's book offers alternative, safe, proven solutions, (without psychiatric drugs), to help our children with attention, behavior and learning problems.  For a solution to be found, as well as 'Understanding the Medical System' and 'Educating Yourself on the School System', the following factors are viewed:
In view of all of the above, I earnestly request that you pass this info. on to anybody you know. Also, if you have a child, or know of a parent with a child, that could be or already has been labeled with "ADD", “ADHD”, and has the potential of or is already being drugged: Buy and read, or recommend, Dr. Mary Ann Block’s book “No More ADHD” ASAP.

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Two of the main reasons why Dr. Block’s book is so important:
To order “NO MORE ADHD”: visit either (UK site) or (US site) - (type in the search box: ‘No More ADHD’, click ‘Go’ by the Search box or press ‘Enter’ on your computer keyboard).  Alternatively, order it direct from Dr. Mary Ann Block’s web site: (when you arrive at the 'Home Page', click ‘Learning Products’ in the Menu, top left.  Upon arrival at Learning  Products you will also see other related products).
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There is an introduction in Dr. Block's book, by Dr. Julian Whitaker, from the Whitaker Wellness Institute in California, he writes:
As of 11/26/08 a survey was being held for teachers on web site NEA (National Education Association): - as follows: Topic: "Medicated Kids" -- Question: "Are any of your students taking prescribed psychiatric drugs for disorders such as AD/HD?"  Answer either 'Yes' or 'No'.  At the time of my visit 666 teachers had voted.
                     Result: 'Yes'  592 - (89%) ... 'No'  74 - (11%) !!    
    (Please note: as of 8 Aug. 2011, the above NEA web page is no longer available)
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